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International students

Welcome to All the Erasmus Students!


Application for international students

Servizi agli studenti

Via Verdi, 10 (courtyard) - Torino 
Open for students:  monday, thursday h. 10.00a.m.-1.00p.m. 
                             tuesday h.10.00a.m.-1.00p.m. and h.4.00p.m.-6.00p.m.
                             wednesday h.11.00a.m.-2.00p.m. 

Phone: +39-0116702778

For more information about the Erasmus Program please refer to

ERASMUS OFFICE of the Department of Psychology:

Phone: +39 011.670.2607 
Fax: +39 011.670.2777 
Erasmus Referent teacher of the Department of Psychology, Emanuela Rabaglietti

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY OFFICE of the University of Turin  - Infopoint

Please note: 
The International Mobility Office of the University of Turin deals with application, acceptance, resident permit 
The Erasmus Office of the Department of Psychology of Turin deals with academic matters (courses and didactic)

Further information for Incoming students

The Erasmus Coordinator of the Department, prof.ssa Emanuela Rabaglietti, will give you some practical advices and discuss about your Learning Agreement.

The Department  organizes for incoming students an orientation meeting through peer to peer relationships with our italian students who collaborate with the Department of Psychology to ask them for further information.

Please contact us as soon as you decide the date of your arrival or to have more information.

Credits, Assessment and Grading Scale


The italian credits CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari) are ECTS compatible, so you can consider that  1 CFU = 1 ECTS.


Almost all exams at the Department of Psychology are oral, but often there is a written pre-exam (called Esonero) that can be a multiple choice test, a test with open questions or a composition.

For every course there are three sessions throughout the year during which you can sit exams. 

You will have to sign up for the exam at least one week in advance. 
The procedure is in italian and at the following link you have a step by step guide that explains you how to register online for exams (Appelli)

The calendar of the exams is posted on the bulletinboard of the Punto Informativo at Palazzo Badini, via Verdi 10, or on the Website, in the section Appelli.

In our Department all courses are taught in Italian. However, some professors provide Erasmus students with an English/other languages bibliography. 

As lectures and assessment are in Italian we strongly reccomend students to attend an Italian course for foreigners.

Important notice on examinations: unlike other universities in Europe, Italian universities require the student's attendance during the grade registration process. Grade registration is done immediately after the student has sat through the relevant "appello" (examination session). No grades can be officially registered otherwise.


In Italy, university grading scale goes from 18 (sufficient) up to 30 and "30 e lode" (excellent). 
The minimum pass grade is 18. Lode (magna cum laude) is awarded for exceptionally good performance.  

Conversion: Italian grading scale - ECTS grading scale

 University of Turin





30; 30  Lode 

 ECTS grading scale






  • ECTS grading scale: 
    A Excellent: outstanding performance with few minor errors. 
    B Very good: above the average standard with some errors. 
    C Good: good work in general with a certain number of errors. 
    D Satisfactory: fair but with significant shortcomings. 
    E Sufficient: performance meets the minimum criteria. 
    FX Fail: some work is required before the credit can be awarded. 
    F Fail: considerable further work is required.
  • Italian Grading Scale: 
    Excellent: 30 e lode - 30 
    Very Good: 29 - 28 
    Good: 27 - 25 
    Satisfactory: 24 - 21 
    Sufficient: 20 - 18 
    Fail:0 - 17

At the end of your studies at the University of Turin you have to contact the International Mobility Office of the University of Turin to formally conclude the Erasmus period

The International Mobility Office will give you the certificate of stay, the transcript of records and, if you have passed the final exam, a certificate of the Erasmus Italian Language Course. 

In the Department of Psychology all courses are taught in Italian, however some teachers provide students with an English/other languages bibliography. You can choose to study english/other languages or regular bibliography.

For your safety, we recommend to check bibliography with the teacher. 

Read here the  full description of a module (in italian).

* In our department are available two versions for the some course (A or B). Check which course is activated in the current semester

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